*Bushra GASB

Straight Egyptian
1980 bay mare
CAHR# 35315

Pure in strain Abbeyan Om Jurays

Bred by Dr. Hans Nagel.

Her sire is Dr.Nagel's incomparable Jamil, and her dam is Marah, who was purchased from the EAO at the same time as Hanan. Marah is a 3/4 sister to Magidaa.

Dr. Nagel bred two daughters from Bushra, the first  Beshira, by her sire, Jamil in 83 and the second, Bagdady, by Ansata Halim Shah in 85.  Beshira, at last word, was still owned by Dr. Nagel in partnership with another lady and producing for them.  Bagdady is also still in Germany.  *Bushra was again bred to Halim Shah and imported to Canada as a six year old.  The resulting colt, Ibn Bushra, is now in the US.  She was next bred to Dalul and produced another colt, Shah Dalul, who is now owned by,  and siring for Dr. Ann Campbell of Oklahoma city. Shah Dalul is a Class A show champion.  *Bushra's 89 filly, Bushira, by Ibn Luftia, was exported to Jordan.

Her 91 filly, Bushra Hilal, by Moon Sheine,( El Hilal ) is a permanent fixture in our barn.  *Bushra was not bred again till 1996 and the lovely filly she produced from this breeding to Egyptian Sundownr unfortunately died as a weanling. 

We acquired *Bushra in 1999.  She produced Ali Galal (see his page) in 2000 by The Conspirator.  Another colt in 2001, Badr ben Bushra, also by The Conspirator, is owned by B and T Hora.  This year, 2004, she gave us another bay filly.  Young Juraysah (pending) will be retained for our breeding program.  *Bushra has produced 10 foals----6 fillies and four colts.  She is a marvelous broodmare and an excellent mother.  At 24, she is still a beautiful and elegant matron with the attitude and demeanor of a queen.  In our books, she is one !!


Madkour I Hadban Enzahi Nazeer
Moheba II Ghazal
Hanan Alaa El Din Nazeer
Mona Badr
Galal Nazeer Mansour
Bint Samiha
Farasha Sid Abouhom
Maysa Anter Hamdan
Mahfouza Hamdan
El Mahrousa


Owned in partnership with B and T Hora


Bushra Hilal
aka "Bambi"

Straight Egyptian
1991 bay mare
CAHR# 35846

Abbeyan Om Jurays

Because it is such an excellent cross, there are quite a few (relatively speaking) Jamil sons and daughters crossed with Ansata Ibn Halima lines. However, to our knowledge, " Bambi " is the only horse in the world to have both Jamil and El Hilal as grandsires, which makes her a pretty rare jewel.  She exhibits the appearance and most of the personality traits of her great grand dam, Hanan, as described by Dr. Nagel in his book " Hanan ".

Bambi is a wonderfully smooth riding horse and loves to get out on the trails, although finding the time to get her there has become something of a challenge.  They say, for everyone, there is one horse that is truly special, and for me, Bambi is the one.  Friend, favorite riding horse, companion and entertainment, all in one package!!  We know she will produce these same qualities.


Moon Sheine
El Hilal *Ansata Ibn Halima Nazeer
*Bint Nefisaa Nazeer
Nafairtiti *Morafic Nazeer
*Bint Maisa El Saghira Nazeer
Bushra GASB
Jamil Madkour I Hadban Enzahi
Hanan Alaa El Din
Marah Galal Nazeer
Maysa Anter


Juraysah NAN (pending)

Bay filly

Born June12,   04
Large star.......small snip
Diagonal partial fetlocks
Same pedigree as Ali Galal


Chocolate Lady Gazi
aka "Coco"

Egyptian Related
1994 liver chestnut mare
CAHR# 34687

As a saddle horse, Coco is a very strong mover like her dam, who is an accomplished endurance horse.

Everything she does get's her undivided attention, from eating, to practicing turns on the forehand. Because of this ability to focus, she has an amazing ability to learn new things, although not always what you would like her to learn. For instance, all the gate latches and doorknobs have to be located where she can't reach them, and when the horses are out, the barn door has to be locked from the inside.
Her attitude towards life has always been, " So, show me what to do, and let's get on with it !"

Always curious, always willing, and afraid of nothing, ( except Bambi ) she is an interesting and entertaining horse to own.


Egyptian Sundownr
El Mon Moniet *Tuhotmos El Sareei
Moniet El Nefous
Amira Moniet *Tuhotmos
*Rababaa Kayed Morafic
Farida Fayek
Saheedah Sadeeqee
Sundown Uncle Sam Shalaum *Farazdac
Raboron Fadtessa *Silver Drift
Larana Scherazad La'zi Ga'zi
Raminette Rasine


Firelight's Bright Star
aka "Star"

1988 liver chestnut mare
CAHR #27171

The little mare that started everything.  Not straight Egyptian.  Not straight anything.  But sweet, and with just enough Egyptian blood to make me want more...

Ashley's Pride
Sundown Uncle Sam Shalaum
Raboron Fadtessa
Sundown Windsong Raboron Lee
Driftwood Camelot
Spring Morning
Arwitraz Gaypolka
Abi-Sha Litasa Asatil
Abi-Sha Dominiqua

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