Cathy and Ken Rochon
8025 Shelley Townsite Rd.
Prince George, BC, Canada
V2K 5X7

WELCOME from Canada!! 

We are a small facility located close to Prince George, in the tiny community of Shelley, right on the banks of the Fraser River.  We have room for only a handful of horses at a time, so we are very particular about what we do have.  Our small breeding program is focused on Abbeyan Om Jurays bloodlines, line-breeding to El Mahroussa through Hanan, Marah, and Magidaa.  Our horses must be beautiful, correct, and have a " tent horse" attitude, and they all do!

About the Abbeyan Om Jurays Strain:

The Abbeyan Om Jurays strain is quite rare, there being only about two hundred and seventy five breeding age mares in the world and even less stallions, ALL of them being descended from only ONE taproot mare.She was El Obeya Om Grees, a grey mare presented to Inshass by King Aziz Ibn Saoud. 

Given the relatively small numbers belonging to this strain, the number of show winners and producers of horses of extreme type and quality is truly remarkable.  A few of these horses are -- Ibn Hafiza --El Araby -- Ibn Shamaa -- Magidaa --Bint Magidaa -- Ruminaja Ali --Ruminaja Fayez -- Ruminaja Bajhat --Alidaar --Nabiel --Hanan --Jamil (Jamilll )--Asfour --Marah --Bilal 1 --Serenity Montaha --Hedar -- Maddah-- Ibn Galal 1-- and the list goes on.....These are only a few of the names that most people will recognise. Although most of these horses are grazing in greener pastures, their lines are breeding on. It is a line worth preserving and we will try to do our small part

Please feel free to browse around the rest of our site and if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us.  We love to talk horses!

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